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Betting Tips: How To Fold A Bet

Betting Tips: How To Fold A Bet

Betting Tips: How To Fold A Bet

Fold begins when you accumulate games, starting from five games to a maximum of ten games, the best way to learn how to fold a game is to do it yourself. If the total number of games to be folded is below 5 or above ten games the option for folding won’t appear. In folding the bigger the odds the better the winnings.

Betting Tips: How To Fold A Bet
Ten selection with 9 fold

I will quickly explain a Four fold on an accumulation of 5 games and an eight-fold on an accumulation of ten[10] games.

When you accumulate 5 games and change the option from accumulator to 4-fold. you are saying that among the five games you are about staking on, at least 4 must play before you will be paid unlike accumulation where all games must play before you can be paid. Same also applies when you accumulate ten games and change the option from accumulation to 8-fold, it means that at least 8 games would play/win among the ten games you staked on before you can be paid, unlike accumulation that needs all the games to play/win before you can be paid. However if you play an eight 8 fold on ten games [i.e accumulating 10 games and playing a 8-fold on it] and only nine played while one amongs’t the ten games lost, you would be making lots of profit or if 8 games played and two failed you would still make profit if the odds for the market for those that have played are high [ e.g 1.80, 2.00 and above ], in most cases your money would be refunded or it would be refunded with some profit because you insured your money by folding the game, thereby saying that all amongs’t these ten games you have played you are confident that at least 8 must play, that is the 8-fold option on ten games. But if out of ten only 7 or below played you would lose all your stake because it wasn’t up to eight.

This option is better off to accumulation because you don’t need all your games to play. 

So these are secrets you should know when folding games:

[1] If you stake 50 Naira this doesn’t mean that this amount[50 Naira] is your final stake, the bookies recommended stake would be shown in the box above in a caption with the word ” Total Stake ”.

[2] The total stake is the amount the Bookies would charge and deduct from your account once you place the bet, and this is different from yours.

[3] If the money on your punting/betting account is not up to the required amount by the Bookie [ Total Stake ], you cant place your bet.

[4] The higher the amount you place, the higher the Bookies recommended amount becomes, so we recommend you stake 50 Naira.

[5] Example of this is when you accumulate 5 games and play a four fold on it, If you staked 50 Naira on this bet the Bookie would show you 250 Naira as your total stake and the 250 Naira would be the amount deducted from your account instead of the 50 Naira you wanted to place. If you don’t have up to the 50, Naira on your account you can’t place this bet.

[6] If you play a four-fold on five games and four out of five won or all games eventually won, you would be making tons of profit, unlike accumulator whereby if one game fails you can’t win.
If you accumulate five games and change the option from an accumulation to four fold, you would be asked to put in a figure [ amount to be staked ] .
Betting Tips: How To Fold A Bet
Five selection with fold

Note that you will find two boxes there, the first box is a box that shows you your total stake after inputting the required amount you wish to stake, and the second box found below with the caption ” your stake ” is that in which you can put your stake [e.g 5o Naira]. The higher the real amount you type, the higher the bookie will charge or your total stake increases and the higher your winnings.

However we recommend that as a starter you should type in fifty[50] Naira, afterward the real value would be shown on the bookies box[the first box above] which would be 250 Naira. What this means is that though you want to stake 50 Naira on this bet, but the bookies would charge 250 Naira instead. So if you don’t have up to 250 on your account you can’t place this bet.
Finally folding games are ways of insuring bets unlike Accumulators, whereby if one game cut’s you cant make any profit at all. This is one of our best option after Lucky 26.

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