Neymar's Sensibility is That of a Child - Dani Alves

Neymar's Sensibility is That of a Child - Dani Alves

Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar must change his ways if he is to be treated with the respect he deserves, Dani Alves has said.

Alves, who left PSG for Sao Paulo in the summer and is a former team-mate of the striker at Barcelona and with Brazil, believes the 27-year-old has “the sensibility of a child”, which causes him to be treated unfairly.

Neymar has regularly found himself in the spotlight due to his behaviour in recent months, most notably when he returned to pre-season training with PSG late as he tried to push through a move to Spain in the summer.

“At times, in order not to generate a certain type of feeling, he retracts,” the 36-year-old told SporTV.

“Neymar is a very sensitive person. Neymar is very affected by many things, and at times many of those are unjust. Neymar has the sensibility of a child. But Ney is not a child, no. He is a man.

“People have to start learning to respect Neymar. The Ney of the Brazilian team people don't respect. He’s known as the outsider and people don’t respect that.” Follow us on Google newsTwitter and on Facebook

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