Calhanoglu: Milan needed a leader like Ibrahimovic

Calhanoglu: Milan needed a leader like Ibrahimovic

Hakan Calhanoglu confirms Milan “needed a leader like” Zlatan Ibrahimovic and they even appreciate his blunt criticism.

The Turkish-German midfielder spoke to newspaper Bild about the impact Ibra has already had on the team since arriving in January.

“We needed a leader like him. He’s in great shape, has evidently been training well and even though he is 38 years old, the opposition fear him,” said Calhanoglu.

“When Zlatan came off the bench at San Siro, the fans went completely crazy. Milan feel alive again with Zlatan back and his presence has also helped me to see this club become even more fascinating and exciting.

“Since he arrived, our confidence has been improving. What I like about him is that he will openly tell me what I get wrong and what I am doing well. He shows me my mistakes and doesn’t care if I agree with him or not.

“He does that because he knows what is right and he treats everyone the same way.”

Ibrahimovic already impressed new Milan teammate Rade Krunic by asking about Bosnia and it seems also showed his polyglot skills with Calhanoglu.

“He said he has a lot of Turkish friends and appreciates my countrymen’s attitude. Zlatan surprised me when he said a few phrases in Turkish and even likes to listen to some Turkish songs.” Follow us on Google newsTwitter and on Facebook

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