Guardiola: Messi can win matches by himself and he improved my coaching level

Guardiola: Messi can win matches by himself and he improved my coaching level

Guardiola has accepted the interview of Telemundo Deportes, the Spanish media in the United States, in which he talked about his life at Barca, Messi and things occur on the pitch.

It’s not the first time that the Man City boss says that ‘Messi has been and is the best’. And he justifies it in this way: "For his consistency (on a good shape), for his significant impact, for those decisive moments. Win matches by himself."

In addition, he believes he has learned a lot from the Argentine star: "People think that we only coach players. However, we also learn from them." For example, Pep said the No.10 of Barca has improved his competitive level: "It seems to be disconnected, but never is it." He has finished his praises to the Argentine saying that "it was an honour to work with him".

Also, the Catalan has talked about on the beginnings and how he felt when he became part of the Masía: "Then I was a kid. At 13 years old it is difficult, but you end up adapting to everything." He says that "you don't think about playing in the first team with that age. You only have the illusion of playing in the Barca Youth."

Guardiola thinks he is privileged to devote himself to what he likes: "Get up every morning, go to what you want to do and have fun. Working on something you don't like should be the worst."

The former coach of Barcelona has stressed that what he loves most about football is "how unpredictable it is". "You can intuit game situations, but the game is so open, that each action is different. We, as coaches, try to help the players make the best decision based on what is happening."

That allows the player to react to "different problems, different systems, different game changes. Even different weather situations. And I like those players who make the right decision depending on the moment." Follow us on Twitter and on Facebook

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