Joe Gomez airs frustrations and calls out fans to support them at Anfield

Joe Gomez airs frustrations and calls out fans to support them at Anfield

Joe Gomez has called on Liverpool's supporters to supply the Anfield atmosphere that inspires a comeback against Atletico Madrid next month.

Gomez said after the 1-0 defeat: “It's halfway done. We've come back from bigger deficits, and the second leg is at Anfield so…

“I think there are positives to take. Obviously losing is not something we've got into the habit of, but we dominated the majority of the game. They made it difficult, they played to their strengths, breaking up the game, going down and using the atmosphere.

"We'll do the same at Anfield, we'll use our atmosphere and our supporters in the same way. Obviously we fancy ourselves, but we still have to go and do the job.

"We still have to prove it. It's all good being favourites, but on the night you have to do the job and that's what we'll do. The chance is there, it's only going to take one goal to get us back in the tie and we know we will get chances to score.

“We have to believe that we can make it right and do the job in the second leg, and we all do believe. Last year we were down way more than this [against Barcelona].

"Yes, they're a good team but we familiarised ourselves tonight, and we know we can dominate and play our way, create chances. We have to believe in that, and not go into the game thinking we've got a mountain to climb.

"When I say we have come back from bigger deficits, we know we will get chances. We can't go into the game thinking we're not going to score. They do drop deep and sit behind the ball, but it's down to us to stay patient and play our way. Things will open up.”

Gomez made clear his annoyance with some of the less-than-wholesome tactics from Atletico's players once their early lead had been established through Saul's winner.

“European football is different," he added. "And referees are different. We have to stay patient. We had our chances to be fair, and if one of those goes in, it's a different outcome.

"We'll continue to do what we do, play with the same intensity and with our atmosphere that adds to things. We'll see how they cope with it. Until then, our focus is on the next one and when it [second leg] comes around, we'll be ready.

"It's frustrating because we're all competitors and it's annoying when you give your all and then the ref does something you don't think is right.

"We're going to compete, but if it's taken out of our hands by the atmosphere or their reactions or whatever, we don't want to let that affect the game.

"We've just got to stick to our gameplan, play our way. The atmosphere plays a part in certain moments when the crowd is jeering or booing, it doesn't help. But it'll be a different case at Anfield.” Follow us on Twitter and on Facebook

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