Jorge Mendes pockets a cool €7m in Trincao's move to Barcelona

Jorge Mendes pockets a cool €7m in Trincao's move to Barcelona

Sporting Clube de Braga, as a publicly listed company, are obligated to reveal every financial operation they complete.

This was done today in regards to the deals involving Abel Ruiz and Francisco Trincao. The big winner from these deals appears to be Jorge Mendes who took home a cool €7m, which could raise depending on variables. Mendes played a role in both the sale of Ruiz to Braga as well as the deal seeing Trincao join Barça next summer.

Braga have paid €8m for Abel Ruiz with the full fee to be paid across the next five years, starting from June 2020. Barça will receive 20% of any future sale and his buyout clause stands at €45m. If Barça decide to buy him back, something they can't do until 2022, they'd need to pay Braga €40m.

The deal which sees Trincao join Barça in the summer is worth €30,940,140. €1,500,000 is paid to the intermediary involved in the deal and there's also a fee for successfully reaching an agreement between the two sides worth €5,500,000.

Of the nearly €31m Barça will pay for Trincao, only €15m will go to Braga. This is taking away €8m for Ruiz, €7m in commission and €900,000 for the formation of the player.

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