Lyon nervous amid Coronavirus outbreak

Lyon nervous amid Coronavirus outbreak

While sporting events in Piedmont are barred due to the Coronavirus outbreak, French authorities are wondering why 3,000 Juventus fans can travel to Lyon.

The first leg of the Champions League Round of 16 tie is on Wednesday at 20.00 GMT.

Piedmont – the region that includes Turin – is one of several in northern Italy to have ordered a lockdown on large public events, with the announcement that Sunday’s Serie A clash between Juventus and Inter will be played behind closed doors.

However, the authorities in France have not as of yet ordered any additional checks or limitations on the 3,000 Juventus fans expected to flood into Lyon.

This could understandably be considered confusing, as it’d encourage the movement of large groups from one of the areas under quarantine.

It’s reported the Mayors of Meyzieu and Decines, two towns close to the Groupama Stadium in Lyon, have asked for a block on fans travelling from Turin.

This evening, it was announced the number of deaths in Italy from Coronavirus has climbed from seven to 10. All of them were either elderly or with long-standing health issues. Follow us on Twitter and on Facebook

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