Manzano ref for Lyon-Juventus

Manzano ref for Lyon-Juventus

Jesus Gil Manzano will officiate the Champions League game between Lyon and Juventus, while Italian Daniele Orsato takes Real Madrid-Manchester City.

UEFA have assigned the referees for Wednesday’s Round of 16 first leg ties.

Spain’s Jesus Gil Manzano wields the whistle in Lyon for the visit of Juventus, assisted by Diego Barbero Sevilla and Angel Nevado Rodriguez, with Guillermo Cuadra Fernandez as the fourth official.

Juan Martinez Munuera is in the VAR booth.

Manzano has a mixed history with Italian teams, as between club and international level he has overseen six wins, one draw and six defeats.

It is the first time he has officiated a match involving Juventus or Olympique Lyonnais.

His record with French sides is of two wins and three defeats, no stalemates.

Italian referee Orsato will officiate the other big Wednesday clash between Real Madrid and Manchester City.

He is assisted by Lorenzo Manganelli and Alessandro Giallatini, with Massimiliano Irrati as the VAR and Daniele Doveri the fourth official. Follow us on Twitter and on Facebook

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