Klopp & Guardiola are the best coaches within the past decade - Hummels

Klopp & Guardiola are the best coaches within the past decade - Hummels

Dortmund star, Mats Hummels has spoke about the reasons for his return to Dortmund, the title gene of FC Bayern and the Dortmund longing for J├╝rgen Klopp.

He said this during an interview with 11freunde about his BVB comeback, "This season we already had some games that I enjoyed immensely, for example against Inter, against Barcelona, Paris, also Gladbach in the Bundesliga,"

 "I also came back for such moments that I go home after a game and I just feel euphoric."

There was no euphoria recently after UCL defeat. BVB had also wobbled several times in the first half of the season. Hummels demands more stability.

"There is no team in the world that never has a bad day or never has a game that even goes wrong.

"But that shouldn't happen too often! And that happened to us too often in the first half of the season. Keeping serious and maintaining determination are the big points for us because we have gifted players."

Hummels can understand the long-termed desire of many Dortmunders for ex-coach Klopp. "He is an absolute exception, for me he and Pep Guardiola are the best coaches of the past ten years. Pep is tactically awesome. And Kloppo can inspire people for something like no other,

"The time with him was infinitely nice."

And on his Bayern time, he said, "There was real fire in there, and whoever lost was angry. A competitive situation must be created in training if you want to hold up a cup or bowl in May. When you're on the pitch, winning is number one priority." Follow us on Google newsTwitter and on Facebook

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