Famous footballers to have kids before turning 20

Some people if not the majority considers the round leather game (football) to be a source of a quick and easy way of making cool cash.

That might be the case looking at the level at which most of those who have taken football as a profession mainly drawing thoughts from the younger ones or those that made it big from a very young age allowing them to take more responsibility.

That notwithstanding we will be taking a look at some famous football players to have kids before turning their twenties.

1. Neymar (19)
Famous footballers to have kids before turning 20

Neymar had his son David Lucca De Silva Santos on the 24th of August 2011 at age 19 with his ex-girlfriend Carolina Nogueira who was 17 while he was still plying his trade at his home town club Santos Fc.

2. Hazard  (19)

Famous footballers to have kids before turning 20

Hazard got married to his childhood sweetheart Natasha seven years after he met her at age 14.

Natasha now a mother of three gave hazard his first child Yannis on the 19th of December 2010 When Hazard was only 19.

3. Raheem Sterling  (18)

Famous footballers to have kids before turning 20

Raheem Sterling was rumored to have about 7-8 children but that was proven to be false. 

The Man City star has just one child a daughter by the name Melody Rose who was born in 2012 by a woman whose identity is yet to be disclosed.

4. Anthony Martial (19)

The recipient of the 2015 Golden Boy Award for the best under-21 player in Europe now the father of two daughters Peyton and Toto.

The French man met his lover Samantha when he was just age 17 and she gave him his first child Peyton at age 19. Follow us on Google newsTwitter and on Facebook

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