Lionel Messi’s Expert Control Put To Ultimate Test On Japanese TV Show

Lionel Messi Test On Japanese TV Show
Lionel Messi’s expert control was put to the ultimate test by a Japanese game show, who challenged the Barcelona legend to touch the ball dead after it dropped from high in the sky.

Messi would need to kick the ball over a barrier that was being held up in the air by cranes at different heights, before attempting to bring the ball down under control.

10 metres was easy peasy, while 13 and 15 metres were also no problem whatsoever for the six-time Ballon d’Or winner.

Then came the grand finale. 18 metres in the air, Messi leathered it into space, touched it down and started doing keepy uppies like it was the easiest thing in the world.

To show he hadn’t fluked it, Messi went and replicated his heroics for a second time because why not?

Presently former Spurs and Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp holds the record for controlling a football at high altitude, having done so at an impressive 38 metres on Sky’s ‘A League Of Their Own’.
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