Man City Star Raheem Sterling Disagrees With Premier League Returning

Sterling Disagrees With Premier League Returning
Manchester City star Raheem Sterling has made his reservations known as regards football returning ahead of the latest Premier League meeting.

The UK government has emphasised a cautious approach for society, with Boris Johnson announcing no significant changes to social lockdown policy.

Ahead of Monday’s meeting, Sterling’s comments show that more effort needs to be made to convince the players it is safe to return.

“We all want to get back to football but at the same time there’s a pandemic going on,” he said.
“The moment we do go back it just needs to be a moment where it’s not just for footballing reasons, it’s safe for not just us footballers but the whole medical staff, referees.

‘’I don’t know how that’s going to work but I feel like once that side of the people’s safety and the player’s safety is secured and their wellbeing is looked after then that’s the right time to go back in.
“Until then, I’m…how can I say…not scared but reserved and thinking what the worst outcome could be.

‘’At the same time I’m looking forward to it and I really want to get back but hopefully, it will all be well when we do get back.”

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