Barcelona vs Celta vigo 2-2 Match Highlights

Barcelona vs Celta vigo 2-2 Match Highlights

90+5 Gerard Pique (Barcelona) kept talking out of turn to the referee until Guillermo Cuadra lost patience and pulled out a yellow card.

90+5'  What a sweet touch by Nolito (Celta Vigo) as he collects a pass deep inside the box and decides to go for goal. It's on target but easy for Marc-Andre ter Stegen to hold.

90' 5 min. of stoppage-time to be played.

90' Lionel Messi (Barcelona) sends in a cross from the free-kick which goes out of play.

89' Iago Aspas (Celta Vigo) goes in the referee's notebook after being shown a yellow card.

Barcelona vs Celta vigo 2-2 Match Highlights

88' Iago Aspas (Celta Vigo) unleashes a shot from the free-kick just outside the box, and his brilliant low drive goes inside the left post. Football supporters are always happy to see such a fabulous goal.

88' Celta Vigo win a free-kick. It's a promising situation for a direct shot. A clumsy foul by Gerard Pique (Barcelona) and Guillermo Cuadra blows his whistle.

86' Santi Mina (Celta Vigo) is caught offside, but it was a really close call.

86' Here comes a substitution. Arthur (Barcelona) is brought on as a substitute for Ricard Puig.

85' Santi Mina (Celta Vigo) sends a cross into the box, but Marc-Andre ter Stegen comes off his line to gather the ball.

83' The referee blows his whistle for a foul after Jorge Saenz de Miera Colmeiro (Celta Vigo) overruns the ball during an attack and makes an aggressive challenge on his opponent.

82' Guillermo Cuadra shows a yellow card to Martin Braithwaite (Barcelona) for his blatant foul.

81' Quique Setien has decided to substitute Luis Suarez and he is replaced by Antoine Griezmann (Barcelona).

81' Here comes a substitution. Jacobo Gonzalez is given a rest as he is replaced by Santi Mina (Celta Vigo).

81' Substitution. Jordi Alba will be replaced by Firpo Junior (Barcelona).

80' What a wasted opportunity by Nolito (Celta Vigo)! He creates some space for himself inside the penalty box and unleashes a decent strike towards the bottom left corner, but Marc-Andre ter Stegen makes an astonishing save to thwart him.

78' Lionel Messi (Barcelona) takes the corner, but it's intercepted by the defender.

76' Lionel Messi (Barcelona) takes the free kick from the edge of the box, but the goalkeeper perfectly sets up the defensive wall and his effort is thwarted.

75' Guillermo Cuadra blows his whistle after Kevin Vazquez Comesana (Celta Vigo) brings one of his opponents down with a strong tackle. Barcelona are awarded a free kick from a dangerous position.

73' Here is a change. Nestor Araujo is going off and Oscar Garcia Junyent gives the last tactical orders to Jeison Murillo (Celta Vigo).

71' Rafinha (Celta Vigo) unleashes a powerful shot towards goal, but it is bravely blocked by a self-sacrificing defender.

69' Substitution. Martin Braithwaite (Barcelona) in, Anssumane Fati out.

67' Luis Suarez (Barcelona) receives the ball inside the box, reacts quickly and without any problems stabs the ball low inside the left post.

67' A dangerous looking corner kick from Lionel Messi (Barcelona) is cleared to safety by the defence.

66' Anssumane Fati (Barcelona) slaloms his way past challenges, but an opposing player does well to get the ball away. The ball is out of play. Barcelona will have a chance to score from a corner.

61' Nestor Araujo (Celta Vigo) takes his opponent down and receives a yellow card from the referee.

60' Oscar Garcia Junyent has decided to make a change. Rafinha (Celta Vigo) replaces Okay Yokuslu.

60' Oscar Garcia Junyent prepares a substitution. Fedor Smolov is replaced by Nolito (Celta Vigo).

60' Substitution. Filip Bradaric (Celta Vigo) replaces Brais Mendez.

54' Lionel Messi (Barcelona) and his stunning dribble! He zig-zags through the defence and gets in front of the keeper. He faints to shoot and then suddenly strikes goalwards, but his effort misses the target by a whisker. Very unlucky for Lionel Messi (Barcelona). This could have been a legendary goal.

53' Samuel Umtiti (Barcelona) has to be very careful for the rest of the match after receiving a yellow card from the referee for a bad tackle on an opponent.

51' Here’s the VAR verdict on that penalty incident – NO PENALTY for Barcelona! Play can continue.

51' There's a break in play and referee Guillermo Cuadra must have got a signal in his ear as he indicates he will check that earlier penalty claim by Barcelona using VAR. This could be interesting!
51' Lionel Messi (Barcelona) goes down in the box after a challenge from the defender. Possibly unsighted, the referee just waves play on.

50' Goal! Okay, Yokuslu displays great vision and sends a pass to Fedor Smolov (Celta Vigo), who shows brilliant composure inside the box to bury the ball into the back of the net. The score is 1:1.

49' Nelson Semedo (Barcelona) sets himself up on the edge of the box, but balloons his shot way over the bar.

48' Iago Aspas (Celta Vigo) goes down under a challenge in the box, but the ref immediately waves away the appeals from all players.

46' The referee blows his whistle to signal the start of the second half.

45+3' There will be nothing more to see in the first half. The whistle blowing of Guillermo Cuadra has ended it.

45+3' Lionel Messi (Barcelona) swings in a cross from the corner, but Ruben Blanco reads it well and gathers the ball.

45+2' Nelson Semedo (Barcelona) goes on a solo run, but he fails to create a chance as an opposition player blocks him. The linesman points to the corner flag, Barcelona are going to take it.

45' The fourth official shows 2 min. of added time.

43' Iago Aspas (Celta Vigo) takes the corner but fails to find any of his teammates.

43' Iago Aspas (Celta Vigo) received a clever through ball which could have put him in a promising position, but the defence was alert to the danger.

41' Gerard Pique (Barcelona) looks to break free, but an opposing player clears the ball away. The linesman signals a throw-in for Celta Vigo.

40' Lionel Messi (Barcelona) jinks his way past two defenders and from the edge of the box has an effort which goes just over the bar.

38' Wonderful movement by Barcelona. The players are holding possession, mostly exchanging one-touch passes. They control the pace of the game now.

36' A quickly taken corner by Barcelona.

36' Anssumane Fati (Barcelona) latches onto a short pass from Lionel Messi inside the box, but clips his shot high over the bar.

34' Brais Mendez (Celta Vigo) receives a yellow card for a nasty tackle.

33' Arturo Vidal (Barcelona) makes a yard for himself on the edge of the box and produces a poor effort that sails miles wide of the left post.

30' Ivan Rakitic (Barcelona) attempts to slip the ball through the defence, but is unable to find any of his teammates. The ball goes out of play and Celta Vigo will have a goal kick.

24' Brais Mendez (Celta Vigo) takes a wonderful touch after collecting a pass inside the box. He steers his low drive towards the right post, but the keeper dives low to keep the ball out.

24' What a chance! Fedor Smolov (Celta Vigo) gets on the end of a pass inside the box and takes a shot to the bottom right corner, but one of the defending players makes a crucial goal-line clearance.

23' Celta Vigo failed to take advantage of the corner as the opposition's defence was alert and averted the threat. Celta Vigo are still threatening though, as it's a corner.

22' Iago Aspas (Celta Vigo) misses a good chance to score. An inch-perfect cross into the box finds Iago Aspas (Celta Vigo) who rises for a header, but sends the ball well over the bar. Celta Vigo have been awarded a corner kick. The referee and one of his assistants both point at the corner flag.

22' Fedor Smolov (Celta Vigo) finds himself free inside the box and pulls the trigger, but his effort is brilliantly stopped by one of the defending players.

20' It's in the back of the net! Lionel Messi flights the free kick into the box, where Luis Suarez (Barcelona) peels off his marker and heads straight inside the upright from the edge of the six-yard box. He makes it 0:1.

19' Nestor Araujo (Celta Vigo) tackles a bit over-zealously and Guillermo Cuadra blows for a foul. Another situation results in a direct free kick for Barcelona.

16' Iago Aspas (Celta Vigo) looks very eager to impress, does well to beat his man and force a cross into the box, where one of his teammates gets his head on the ball, but it's too easy for the keeper. (in this sentence the player crosses and heads his own cross!! So I created a different scenario).

14' Barcelona take a short corner kick.

14' Nelson Semedo (Barcelona) serves up a nice cross, but the defence clears the danger. The referee blows his whistle, Barcelona are awarded a corner kick.

12' Jordi Alba (Barcelona) receives a yellow card from the referee for a foul that he committed a little earlier.

11'Jordi Alba (Barcelona) swings in a dangerous cross from the resulting corner kick, but none of his teammates manage to outjump the defence.

11' Lionel Messi (Barcelona) gets on the end of a good pass and from mid-range he unleashes a decent strike, but the shot is blocked by the defender.

The referee points to the corner flag and Barcelona will take a corner.

7' Brais Mendez (Celta Vigo) takes the corner kick but the ball only finds the head of an opponent.

7' Fedor Smolov (Celta Vigo) shoots from outside the box, but his effort is blocked.
The ball is out of play. Celta Vigo win a corner kick.

7' Barcelona failed to take advantage of the corner as the opposition's defence was alert and averted the threat. Barcelona are still threatening though, as it's a corner.

6' CHANCE! Gerard Pique (Barcelona) rises high to meet the resultant corner kick and attempts to steer his fine header past the goalkeeper, but only hits the crossbar!

6' Jordi Alba (Barcelona) looks like he will be the one to take the corner kick.
5' The free kick is taken by Lionel Messi (Barcelona), but ball is cleared.

2' Anssumane Fati (Barcelona) races towards goal but the defender gets back well to make a challenge.

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