How To Become Bet9ja Super Agent

Bet9ja Agent Registration
You want to know about the Bet9ja agent registration?

There are many betting companies in Nigeria, but Bet9ja is the most innovative on the market.

Yes, I said it, and nobody paid me to!

Of course, because Bet9ja Nigeria works with professionals who create the best betting conditions and all the winnings are real. Everyone can bet and withdraw money directly to their debit/credit card.

You can ask around, thousands of winners make small and huge withdrawals every day, so it’s not a case of scam.

The companies branches are spread in every nook and cranny of Nigeria and still counting…

Since they are still expanding, they are obviously looking for agents from all over Naija to facilitate this expansion.
So, are you interested in becoming a Bet9ja agent?

Bet9ja Agent Registration

With Bet9ja, you get the chance to run your own business and what you’d be involved in is promoting a tried-and-tested product.
It’s that simple. Seriously.

How to become Bet9ja agent or Virtual Agent

Bet9ja agent, Virtual agent: both terms are more or less the same thing.

So don’t get yourself worked up trying figure out the difference.

Here are the steps to become Bet9ja Agent.
  • The first step is to fill the Bet9ja agent registration form at the web page
  • Submit the form
  • Acquire a business site/centre (office space or hall)
  • Submit all relevant documents (as requested) to the designated Bet9ja staff in your area
  • Upon submission, your document and location would be reviewed
  • If you pass the documentation stage, a representative of Bet9ja would reach out and engage you in what is called “introductory conversation”
  • This is basically an interview, so you don’t have to panic
  • If the “introductory conversation” is deemed satisfactory, your proposed business or office space would be subject to physical verification (by a team of Bet9ja reps)
  • Once everything is in place (as required), you would be offered a contract (as an agent)
  • Sign the contract, provided you are satisfied with the binding terms and conditions
  • After putting pen to paper, you are now officially a Bet9ja super agent
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