Liverpool boss Klopp: We can handle short offseason

Liverpool boss Klopp: We can handle short offseason

With the pandemic of covid-19 a lot of adjustment has been done on football calender and Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is confident they'll have a long enough break between seasons this year.

Klopp says with a shorter break between seasons expected as the football calendar tries to return to normality, it will be even more important to Liverpool to find their rhythm quickly.

"I think they will try to find some space, rightly so, for FA Cup, Champions League, Europa League and all that stuff [to finish off this season]," said Klopp.

"Then two, three, four weeks? The start or mid-September maybe, but it will not be long.

"That means that the majority of us will have had the rest we needed, not exactly what you'd wish for a holiday, but we had the rest at least, and we now have preparation.

"There's not a lot space in between. We'll prepare for our future, the immediate future and the other one as well.

"We just need to make sure we are ready, because the world is, in this moment, not like it was before."
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