Wilfred Ndidi Profile, Stats, Wife, Net Worth, Salary In Detail

Wilfred Ndidi Profile
I just had to pick my pen and write about Wilfred Ndidi. I didn’t want to until he leaves Leicester City for a much bigger club.

No offence to City fans but come on, you know Onyinye Ndidi, with all his pass-average and impressive stats, deserves to be at Real Madrid or Manchester City. I don’t think anything stops him from even being at Barcelona. Yes!

I’m not talking about someone else. Onyinye Ndidi is the same person as Wilfred Ndidi hence his full name is Onyinye Wilfred Ndidi.

Anyway, I just have to go on and write about Wilfred Ndidi biography. Whenever that move happens – hopefully this summer transfer window – you’ll remember I said it.

Biography Of Wilfred Ndidi

Now what do we know about this guy?
Humble beginning, just like many others. Ndidi started showing how tough he is with football at a very early age, ask older players who were with him at that time; they’ll testify.

Having grown up in the Military Cantonment in Ikeja, Lagos State, he started playing unprofessionally from his days at the Command Children School before joining one local club called Nath Boys Academy, where he continued with his passion.

Yeah, I know, Nath Football Club isn’t that local anymore. Ndidi’s fame raised their profile.
So what are those things that are dare to you that you want to know about Ndidi?

Which state is Wilfred Ndidi from in Nigeria?

Is his tribe one of them?
Well, Ndidi’s from Delta State but was raised in Lagos.

Is Wilfred Ndidi married?

Oh yes, he is. Sorry to disappoint you ladies.
In the year 2019 some time in May, Ndidi married his girlfriend of five years Dinma Fortune in a traditional and white wedding ceremony in Abuja.

The traditional ceremony held on Wednesday, May 23 at the Ibeto Hotel event centre at the Gudu District of Abuja.

While on Saturday, May 25, their white wedding was conducted with a church service at the National Ecumenical Centre in the central business district in Abuja and ended with a reception at the Pitchvine Marquee Wedding and Event Centre at the Cadastral Zone in Wuye, all in Abuja.

Ndidi’s childhood friend Collins Igbobi was his best man while his groomsmen ranged from Iheanacho, yes, the almost forgotten Super Eagles striker and Leicester teammate.

Others were Israel Adelaja who is the CEO of Cretentive Media, England-based Nigerian musician EBS, Don Daniel, a friend who is based in England, Chris, another friend who is based in Belgium and Mr Theo, also a very good friend of Ndidi.

Super Eagles legend Kanu Nwankwo and several Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) officials were also in attendance.

How old is Ndidi?

I see people ask for Wilfred Ndidi real age? I don’t know, is there a fake age?
Ndidi was born on the 16th of December, 1996 in Lagos State which makes him 23 years old.
Oh, I see, you mean you’re not interested in his football age? You’ll need to go see his mother on that.
Premier League 2019/20: Most tackles
  • Ricardo Pereira – 118 tackles made (2,520 minutes)
  • Aaron Wan-Bissaka – 99 tackles made (2,331 minutes)
  • Wilfred Ndidi – 92 tackles made (1,892 minutes)
  • Declan Rice – 87 tackles made (2,610 minutes)
  • João Moutinho – 79 tackles made (2,436 minutes)

Wilfred Ndidi Salary

The defensive midfielder signed a 6 year/£23,400,000 contract with Leicester City, including an annual average salary of £3,900,000.
According to Spotrac, every month till his contract expires in 2024 when he’ll become a free agent, Ndidi will earn a base salary of £3,900,000, while carrying a cap hit of £3,900,000.
I have broken down the numbers. In other words, he earns £10,554 per day and £440 per hour!
Fear cash you?
See the table below to understand what I mean.
Per year          €4,500,000      £3,862,598
Per month       €375,000         £321,883
Per week         €91,463           £78,508
Per day            €12,295           £10,554
Per hour          €512    £440
Per minute      €8.54   £7.33
Per second      €0.14   £0.12
To earn what Ndidi earns in just one month, the average Naija guy who earns N50,000 will need to come back to this world about four times!
Life tire you, abi?
If you’re in search of any Wilfred Ndidi transfer news you’ll get them all here.
Ndidi’s social media handles includes Instagram @Ndidi25 and Twitter @Ndidi25.

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