All Bet9ja Cashout Rules/Regulations You Should Know In 2020

Bet9ja Cashout Rules
If you’ve played an accumulator of dozens of games and are nervous about the final game in your multiple with probably 10 minutes to go and want to Cashout and you’re stuck, then you need to know what Bet9ja Cashout rules are really saying.

But before I go, what is Cash Out?
Cash Out is a revolutionary real-time feature that allows you control over your bet. Use it to guarantee yourself a profit, or cut your losses.

Simply put, it is a feature that allows you take your money before the games is over.

Having an in-depth knowledge of the bookie you are signed to is very crucial. You should know their rules, guidelines, how they operate, how their betting system works etc. All you need do is simply read their terms and condition.

Most times, punters neglect this number one principle and just go straight to placing their bets and running into trouble later on.

And do note that spacing your games based on the fixture time when selecting them is very crucial to your cash out plan.

When these games are played concurrently, the cash out option would never be available on bet9ja. The cash out option would only be available when there are no active games playing on your tickets.

Although, I noticed that bet9ja sometimes offers the option for you to cash out when more than 50% of your games have been played and won, and you have only one active game playing. But the cash out option would only be clickable if this one active game is on a winning track.

As a matter of advise, if you’ve made up to 50% profit or more, then cash out when you can and don’t be greedy.
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