Arteta: FA Cup final win will influence Aubameyang's future at Arsenal

Arteta: FA Cup final win will influence Aubameyang's future at Arsenal

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is sure winning a trophy will give Auba an additional reason to extend.

However, the Spaniard adds the decision won't be swayed by one factor only.

Aubameyang's expiring deal has Arsenal fans all over the world worried about what comes next for the skipper.

Many are hoping a cup win can persuade him to extend but Mikel Arteta admits it's not that straightforward.

"It's a package at the end. You need a lot of ingredients on the table to persuade a player of his level to be at this football club. Don't forget that he still has a contract here with us," the boss told

"[But winning the cup] has a strong link with everything that you want to experience as a player. Winning the trophy helps to really believe and feel, 'Wow, I want to experience more of these moments.

' If you are wearing the armband and you are able to lift that cup, it's such a moment - this is going to help for sure."

The captain himself will surely play a large part in whether we win the cup or not. If Auba can do what he did vs Man City and Watford in the final weeks of the season, he will be well-positioned indeed to lift the cup as captain.

The added carrot on the end of a stick will be Europa League football (admittedly, the carrot is getting somewhat stale after 3 seasons) but from a purely financial point of view, it's better to be in there than not.

We'll be hoping Arteta finds the right words tomorrow to fire up his team for one last time. As someone who's won two cups with Arsenal as a player, he should be able to do just that.
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