Barcelona Modern football is built on Johan Cruyff principles: Xavi

Barcelona Modern football is built on Johan Cruyff principles: Xavi

Fc Barcelona legend and Al Sadd coach Xavi says Barcelona's principles are built on the Johan Cruyff era and explain how the Dutchman's arrival changed football both in Catalonia and the whole country.

"It's an honour to be linked to Cruyff's name," Xavi said in a video for the Cruyff Foundation.

"Johan was the most influential person in football's history.

"He was the key person in all the successes of the last 20 to 25 years at Barcelona and the Spanish national team.

"He came to Barcelona and changed his philosophy regarding the style of play.

"He introduced a very disciplined game system that is still practised today.

"Both the Spanish national team and Barcelona have benefited from Cruyff's philosophy."

Xavi went on to point out that Cruyff was an example both as a coach and as a person.

"I am very proud of what Cruyff did at Barcelona," he added.

"He was an idol to me, not only at football level but as a human being.

"Johan was an example for all kids and for society.

"The way he adapted to another country when he came here, Johan was an example for all football players and all human beings.

"I am very proud that Johan introduced this football system.

"Many players like me were able to benefit from this.

"All football players and athletes would be proud to be part of the Cruyff Foundation."
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