Damien Duff opens up on drinking at Chelsea: 'It builds a good bond between is

Damien Duff opens up on drinking at Chelsea: 'It builds a good bond between is

Damien Duff  says that the British lads in the team used to get 'piss drunk', whereas the foreign players joined them at times but did not drink to that extent.

As per Duff, John Terry led the pack of the English players who had an exclusive group of their own.

The Irishman believes that enjoying a drink together was half the battle as it united the squad.

"Even when we were playing 60 or 70 games a season, we were out together on the town and pissed," Duff told the Open Goal podcast.

"We'd be out all the time. A few of the foreign boys would flip in and flip out.

They'd go out, not drink and feel good the next day whereas the British, Irish and Icelandic lads would go out and get absolutely lamped. This was every week. It was the norm.

"That's half the battle as well. It builds a good bond between everyone.

"The English lads, I never wanted to be part of them. They always called themselves 'The Bulldogs' - it would have been Bridgy, Lamps, JT, a couple of the English physios. Eidur [Gudjohnsen] was involved in it.

"Because of the Irish thing, [I thought] 'I want to be part of your group but you're not calling me a bulldog'!"

Well, we can't argue with Duff when he says that these nights of drinking created a bond - Chelsea's success from 2003 to 2006 (when Duff was part of the team) speaks for itself.

The Blues won back-to-back Premier League titles under Jose Mourinho, and the bond between the lads never seemed to waver as the backbone of the team remained instrumental for the Blues throughout the most successful era in the club's history.
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