FWA award: Henderson in tears after Klopp's moving message

FWA award: Henderson in tears after Klopp's moving message

Jordan Henderson was crowned Player of the Year by Football Writers' Association earlier on Friday.

After such a remarkable but extremely thorny journey at Liverpool, it's natural that the skipper got really emotional during the following interview.

And it was Klopp's heartfelt message that really sparked his sentiments as he couldn't help but shed a tear.

And no wonder, to be honest, just listen to Jurgen's congratulation!

He's everything that Klopp said:

"One of the big questions in football is what makes a proper player? Is it talent or is it attitude? I think the easy answer is 'without talent you are nothing, without attitude you will stay a talent forever'.

"You are the perfect example that the mix can make the difference. Who would have thought that they young fella coming from Sunderland to Liverpool with big dreams would one day be the best player in the Premier League?

"Maybe you dreamt of it, but I'm not sure you thought it would happen. I know you are confident enough to have big dreams, but now is the moment that everybody saw it.

"Everybody saw what a great player you are, what a great personality you have, what a great character you are. I know the person you are behind the player would deserve an award as well.

"Many congratulations, well deserved. What an outstanding achievement, what a year you had, what a career you've had. The best news is that there's still a lot to come."

By the way, apparently, Klopp insisted that Hendo would watch it live which is kind of cruel but, come on, such pure emotions are worth their weight in gold!

"Without the gaffer, I wouldn't be here today. He knows what I've been through. That's why I'm emotional," Hendo said after receiving the message.

And now we are emotional as well.

Well, what can we say except that if anyone deserved the award this year it was Jordan. Thank you, Hendo, for everything!

By the way, Henderson is also in contention to win the PFA Player of the Season, which will be announced soon as well.
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