Klopp heaps praise on Lampard As Liverpool host Chelsea at Anfield

Klopp heaps praise on Lampard As Liverpool host Chelsea at Anfield

Klopp applauds Lampard for the brilliant job he's done at Chelsea.

Qualifying for CL (if that happens), FA Cup final - these are pretty decent achievements for the first top-club season of such a young manager.

Klopp expects a good game on Wednesday and vows to make it tough for the Blues.
"With managers one day you are the one to be and the next you are not,” Jurgen Klopp said during the press conference ahead of Chelsea's trip to Merseyside.

"Frank is doing an exceptional job.

"He did well at Derby, a big challenge at Chelsea, no-one expected a title but qualify for CL in a really strong league. He's done brilliantly.

"He and Arteta in the FA Cup final, that is really impressive. A proper team with some interesting decisions.

"It shows that he used his playing time not just to move his legs. He learned a lot. Really prepared for the job, still young, 100% ready for it though."

It's hard to argue with Jurgen, as even despite the inconsistency the team's progress is evident - and with the right players at hand, Frank is sure to reach for the sky next season.

However, this campaign still has its own goals to achieve with beating Liverpool at Anfield to secure the top-4 spot as the nearest one. And it will surely be a proper challenge, as Jurgen has fired a warning to the Blues.

"I expect a good game from us and Chelsea," Liverpool's boss continued.

"Chelsea will make some good changes but they have had a proper boost [from FA Cup].

"We have to make sure it is not easy for them. Small details decide games and we have to put these things right."

Liverpool will have their own boost of motivation, as they will lift the Premier League trophy on Wednesday.
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