Klopp not happy with Liverpool and referee performance

Klopp not happy with Liverpool and referee performance

Naturally, Klopp isn't satisfied with the outcome of the Burnley clash and admits his players can be criticized for not finishing off the game. But the Reds are also angry with the referee and for some good reasons.

"It feels like we lost a game, we have to look after the game better," Klopp told BBC Sport after the game.

"We were angry with the referee but we have to criticise ourselves first for not finishing the game.

"The team do it right 99% of the time but I will never stop criticising them."

Well, indeed, not every Red performed at his usual best in the 1-1 draw. Some were simply unlucky, some seemed a bit tired.

As for the referee, 85 minutes into the game Andy Robertson stormed into Burnley's penalty box only to be kicked in the leg in a nasty tackle. However, the penalty was not given. And it's hard to comprehend why.

Meanwhile, Burnley players were doing whatever they pleased during aerial duels in Liverpool's penalty box, including some hard challenges involving Alisson. Somehow it slipped the referee's attention as well.
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