Liverpool Big summer spending unlikely - Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool Big summer spending unlikely - Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp has revealed that he doesn't know what Liverpool transfer market is going to look like stating that covid 19 has affected a lot of clubs financial status.

With one of the highest wage bills in the sport at £310million, a three-month period without income from matches at Anfield has forced Liverpool to adopt a cautious approach to transfers this summer.

"Every team has a chance but it means it will be more difficult," Klopp said. "Strengthening the squad you talk about like it is something I just have to ask for and somebody opens the well and away we go.

"To strengthen the squad you need money and these are uncertain times. Obviously, uncertain times means for some clubs we cannot do what we would do in non-uncertain times.

"Ask me can we develop the squad and it is probably possible, but only with real money. We have talents ourselves, big talents, and players who can make big steps in our squad.

"But buying now? Just go out and there and name whoever you want, whatever the player is, go for it? That is really difficult. It was always difficult.

"We did not invest a lot in the squad last year and that was before COVID. We do not know when supporters will be back in the stadium.

"Whoever knows, tell me and then we can plan with that. That is how the club has been led since before I was here. If we have money, we will spend.

"If we do not know if we will have money, we probably will not spend that much. That is how it is." Follow us on Google newsTwitter and on Facebook

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