Liverpoolp boss Klopp promises 'crazy' title celebrations

Liverpoolp boss Klopp promises 'crazy' title celebrations

After giving Liverpool their first premier league for decades the managers has promise to celebrations their title in a crazy way.

We want to celebrate life!' He quout

The gaffer says that as soon as the world resumes to normalcy, he wants to give the fans a celebration that they will never forget.

Klopp adds that it doesn't matter when that day comes, Liverpool is an exceptional club and they will make the best out of whatever conditions are there in front of them.

The German then praises his team and hails their impressive form over the last two seasons.

"The moment we can do that again, we want to celebrate the title. Even if that is a little strange if you celebrate another title several months later. But Liverpool is an exceptional club, we will surely get something done," Jurgen Klopp told SWR.

"We'll try to celebrate the title in a crazy way. We want to celebrate life. People can now plan longer so that they can be there. Maybe we can make something out of it that hasn't existed before."

He then praises his players: "The boys are always on fire. They went right in the past games too. We have been relatively successful for two and a half years because the boys are exceptional."

Klopp has previously spoken about celebrating the title with the fans once safe, saying that the Reds will definitely have an open bus parade in Liverpool when things are better.

After Dortmund won the Bundesliga in 2011, Klopp drank so much beer that he forgot the celebrations on that night - knowing how much of a party animal Klopp is, we can't wait to see what he has in mind for Liverpool!
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