Luis Suarez: 'Our job is to finish La Liga with honour Barca jersey

Luis Suarez: 'Our job is to finish La Liga with honour Barca jersey

The out of form striker Luis Suarez calls his teammates to look at their failures and self reflect.

He promises to complete the campaign in order to give the fans the joy they deserve.

"Today, like many other times, is a moment we must stand up," Luis Suarez wrote on his personal Instagram account the day after the painful Osasuna defeat.

His message continues: "It's also a moment to accept that we haven't performed at the desired standard, to look at ourselves and self reflect."

On Barca's remaining goals, the striker added: "First, we need to finish the La Liga with honour the Barcelona jersey commands.

"Afterwards, rest, disconnect and turn our attention to the Champions League. We will fight together to the end to give our fans the joy they deserve!!! Forca Barca!"

Barcelona have lost the La Liga crown on Thursday, so the Champions League which resumes in August remains their last chance to finish the 2019-2020 season with a trophy.

The Catalans need to beat Napoli in the second game of the round of 16 before facing either Bayern Munich or Chelsea in the one-legged quarter-finals.
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