Opinion: Four Barcelona players that might Take the burden off Messi Next season

Opinion: Four Barcelona players that might Take the burden off Messi Next season

With Messi ageing fast, Barcelona wants a player that will assist Messi with some of the duties at the clubs and we are taking a look at 4 options available already

Leo Messi is already 33 years old but he still remains the team's top goalscorer and assist-provider. If Barcelona wants the forward to show his best match after match, they have to ask these five players to step up their game.

1. Ousmane Dembele

Because of his lightning-fast speed, the Frenchman is the perfect candidate to play on the left-wing. Messi will have the chance to set him up with through balls and lobbed passes.

What the 23-year-old will have to do (besides staying fit) is to learn when the right option is to shoot at the goal and when to pass it inside the box.

They could form a similar bond that Leo and Jordi Alba already have in place. With the left-back ageing, Dembouz should become Messi's main option on the opposite flank.

2. Frenkie de Jong

The Dutchman is still adapting to his role at Barcelona as he is being asked to play in an unfamiliar position. But the first season is over soon, he should finally learn to link-up with the Argentine just like Xavi did.

The legendary midfielder played in the same area Frenkie is supposed to cover. Perhaps De Jong should watch some highlights to see what he's asked to do. (Or maybe even give Xavi a call, he's supposed to be our next manager, no doubt he'll be of great help.)

3. Antoine Griezmann

One of the most annoying things the fans have noticed this season is that Messi doesn't pass the ball to Griezmann all too often.

The problem here is obvious — the France international is used to playing as a second striker and he is focused more on creating chances rather than finishing them off.

The way to fix this is for the Frenchman to learn which area he should be penetrating so that the captain sends the ball his way. Of course, someone should also tell Leo to pass the ball to Grizzy more often than he has done this season.

4. Riqui Puig

This option is one of the most controversial ones as Riqui is only 20 years old and isn't even part of the senior squad. Nonetheless, Puig has proved in the last matches that he is the most creative midfielder we've got in our squad.

Hopefully, the Spaniard is promoted to the first team and becomes a regular starter. Right now, Puig is the only player at the club that has the abilities to create big chances himself instead of looking to pass it to Messi.

If everything goes well, Riqui will become the best addition to our squad this summer.

5. Barca needs a striker

Barca's captain is steadily turning into a playmaker, dropping deeper in midfield than he used to. Considering that, having a deadly striker inside the penalty box is a must.

Yes, we've got Griezmann and Luis Suarez as centre-forwards but one is supposed to play in a different role while the other is not as consistent as we need him to be. With a new 'killer striker' by his side, Messi could start thinking about beating all of the assists-related records we know of.
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