PICTURES: Chelsea players Furious with Kepa during Liverpool clash after another odd blunder

Kepa gets slammed by teammates during Liverpool clash after another odd blunder

Liverpool slam Chelsea 5-3 at Anfield and Kepa Arrizabalaga didn't do much to help the team avoid conceding 5 goals at Anfield.

He didn't make any direct errors leading to goals, however, his disconnection with the defenders continues to stun.

During Liverpool's free-kick both Rudiger and Zouma were shouting to Kepa to make a move and take the ball, as, frankly, he wouldn't have any resistance in doing so.

However, the Spaniard didn't make a single move while the ball eventually reached Van Dijk who somehow missed an almost open goal.

Naturally, Chelsea players were furious and they didn't hesitate to express their frustration in an instant.

Chelsea's whole defence was horrendous, so making Kepa the sole scapegoat is not particularly fair. 

One can't deny, however, that the Blues might need a new goalkeeper for the next season indeed.
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