'Yesterday was not a good day for football' Jurgen Klopp on Man City ban lift

'Yesterday was not a good day for football' Jurgen Klopp on Man City ban lift

It's no longer a news that Manchester City, will no longer sever there two years ban on European competition as the ban was lifted few days back and this news had not gone down on so many ears.

Man City were initially slapped with a two-season ban from taking part in European competitions due to breaches of FFP standards.

However, the Citizens will no longer serve any ban following their successful appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Klopp insists he is happy that City will have to cope with the pressure of playing in the Champions League next season.

The German, though, feels that the CAS verdict isn't good for football as it has made a mockery of the Financial Fair Play regulations.

The Liverpool boss reiterates that FFP has been put in place to protect teams and competitions.

“I'm happy that City are in the Champions League... otherwise they'd have 12 games less and then they wouldn't need to rest players in the Premier League!” Klopp said in the pre-match press conference ahead of the match against Arsenal in the Premier League.

“But yesterday was not a good day for football. FFP is a good idea. It's there to protect teams and competition. I really hope FFP stays because it gives kind of borders, which is good for football. (Without it) it would create kind of a world super league.

“If the richest clubs and countries can do what they want then that makes football difficult.”

Well, you can't help but agree with Klopp, even from a neutral point of view, because Financial Fair Play regulations are now officially a joke after the Court of Arbitration for Sport's verdict went in favour of Man City.

Back in February, the Citizens had initially been banned by the UEFA from taking part in European competitions due to serious breaches of FFP standards that included disguising equity funding for sponsorship contributions.

Pep Guardiola's side will pay a fine, but that has been cut down from £26.9 million to a paltry £8.9 million, something that sounds even more bizarre.

Source: Liverpool fc
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