Barcelona must change the way they play, their DNA is far behind: Vidal

Barcelona must change the way they play, their DNA is far behind: Vidal

Vidal believes that Barcelona need to add more speed and physicality to their squad.
In his opinon, the Barca DNA can't always get you the win.

The Chilean also says that Blaugrana have too many youngsters in their squad.
"Barcelona first have to change the way they think about football.

It has evolved a lot, their DNA is already lagging behind and the other teams are improving in other aspects; football at the moment is more physical, with more strength and speed, and technique sometimes takes a back seat," Arturo Vidal has told La Tercera.

“Barcelona has to change a lot of things. A team, which I think is the best in the world, cannot have 13 professional players while the rest are minors.

Not because (the youngsters) do not deserve to be there, but in this team, they have to be competing for who is better and who has to play.

"All teams have 23 players to fight for the starting positions, grow and get better every day. But when they don't advance, when you think that with your DNA you can always win, you are very wrong.

"There are very good players, we have Leo Messi, who is number one and is an alien, but he needs help, he needs players who improve the team and give better results."

Meanwhile, it's reported that Ronald Koeman wants to sell Vidal. So far, the 33-year-old has been linked with Inter Milan and Juventus.
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