Carvajal recalls his favourite Champions League goal

Carvajal recalls his favourite Champions League goal

The Madrid star reminisced about some fond memories of Madrid when he was a child.

He picked Peđa Mijatovic's goal against Juventus as his favourite.

When asked to pick his favourite Real Madrid memory while being part of the youth squad, Dani Carvajal told Esquire Magazine: "[Peda] Mijatovic's goal in the Champions League final against Juve.

"I remember that I was very young and I started jumping around the room.

"They are moments that remain with you and you remember them with great emotion."

It is evident that Los Blancos occupy a special place in Carvajal's heart and we hope he continues with us for a long time - despite opening up on how it is difficult to make friends in a club like ours.

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