Conte links Lukaku success in attack to team work

Conte links Lukaku success in attack to team work

Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte is delighted with the work of their attack this season.

Romelu Lukaku has enjoyed an outstanding first campaign with the Nerazzurri.

And Conte said, “I think that if the team does well, Romelu, Lautaro and even Alexis, plus Esposito when he was available, have always done well.

The skill of the individuals depends on the context of the team, the support that the team gives.

“His great season is thanks to the team, how they are supporting him. Lautaro is also having a great season, remember that he has been at the centre of rumours.

“Congratulations should be paid to them but also to the work of the team. I'm happy with Lukaku's settling in, helped by the fact that he has found good guys with whom he has formed a beautiful relationship."
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