Lampard urges to delay Premier League start for Chelsea

Lampard urges to delay Premier League start for Chelsea

Chelsea boss claims players need a break after such a hectic schedule of the project restart which resulted in so many injuries in the team.

Even if the Blues do not progress further in the Champions League, starting the Premier League on September 12th is too early, as per Lampard.

"I am guessing we will be told on when we start and that will be dependant on how we go against Bayern Munich," Lampard said of the next campaign.

"It’s not ideal if we carry on against Bayern and possibly go further. The players need a break; they need to be given a break to play at the level of the quality product that the Premier League is.

"Worst case scenario, if we don’t go through against Bayern, the 12th seems too early to start playing again.

"The players need a break. That is why we are pulling two hamstrings and having players pull out before this.

"I would like to think the Premier League will look seriously at that and look at the start for next season. I think we deserve it, as a Premier League club competing in the Champions League."

Christian Pulisic and Cesar Azpilicueta both suffered hamstring injuries in the FA Cup final against Arsenal on Saturday and playing 12 games in 6 weeks since the restart of the season certainly had something to do with it.

As of now, the Premier League is confirmed to start on September, 12 which is a bit more than a month from the upcoming Champions League tie against Bayern, scheduled on August, 8.
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