Lille owner Lopez Support Pepe for a massive Arsenal second season

Lille owner Lopez backs Pepe for a massive Arsenal second season

Nicolas Pepe's campaign has been one of the main talking points during the offseason, Many think his return on investment made is not nearly enough.

Lille's owner Gerard Lopez draws parallels with Pepe's debut season in France. He is convinced Arsenal fans will see a much more efficient player in 2020/21.

Nicolas Pepe had a hit-and-miss first season at Arsenal - but Lille's owner Gerard Lopez points it this is not something unusual. The Ivorian took his time to adapt in France too.

"When he came to us, the six or seven first months were not even average. You could see glimpses of talent. He suddenly got into his stride in the second half of the season and he really came into it in the second season.

"I have no doubt that he can do the same thing. I watched him play in the cup game, for example. Yes his goal was not given but it was one of the top goals he can make.

"I watched him throughout the season, every time he gets the ball something happens. He’s very tough to stop, especially when he’s in the last 30 or 40 metres. You either have to foul him or he’s going to make a pass or create a goal opportunity. That kind of talent is very rare. Players who on their own can dismantle or make something happen."

Pepe's position is certainly under threat now that Willian has joined Arsenal. We are wondering whether his acquisition is as much doubt to the Brazilian's quality as it is a wake-up call to Pepe.

We surely are going to try and make it work because of the massive amount of money paid for the winger - in fact, we'll be paying the fee in instalments for a while still.

With Willian in the twilight of his career, perhaps more interesting is what happens to Reiss Nelson next. He is a player Mikel Arteta is fond of and, given his age, looks more of a threat to Pepe in the long run than Willian. Follow us on Google newsTwitter and on Facebook

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