List of Barcelona Greats that might have been mistreated by board

List of Barcelona Greats that might have been mistreated by board

Messi could join Victor Valdes, Dani Alves and even Pep Guardiola as the Blaugrana legends who deserved a much better exit but the club denied them this right.

Leo Messi could on his way out of Barcelona already this summer yet the Catalans are unwilling to let him leave and the whole situation could end up in the courtroom.

Lets us remind you of three other Blaugrana legends mistreated by the board:

Pep Guardiola

Even though Pep mentioned several times he left Barcelona in 2012 because he was worn out, there are multiple claims that the tense relationship with Sandro Rosell could be the main reason.

Marti Perarnau, Guardiola's biographer, describes Rosell as a person with 'cold, treacherous heart of a bureaucrat'.

The president didn't trust the manager and was unwilling to support his sporting project despite Pep's unbelievable achievements in 2009.

Pep's surprise failure to win either La Liga or the Champions League in his final season in charge may possibly hint at the huge rift between the coach and the board.

Victor Valdes

The legendary goalkeeper was mistreated by the club twice: first, Valdes didn't even have a proper send-off after 14 years at the Catalan club.

Victor suffered the season-ending injury in March 2014, some months before his contract expired which possibly cost him the deserved farewell.

Secondly, Valdes was sacked after just 3 months in charge as Barcelona U19's head coach.
The main reason is believed to be the alleged internal conflict between the former goalkeeper and Patrick Kluivert, the head of La Masia.

Dani Alves

The Brazilian great has never hidden his anger with Barcelona for the way they forced him to leave in 2016.

He revealed to Marca that the club only offered to renew his contract when they faced the two-window transfer ban.

Alves described the Barcelona board as 'wrong and ungrateful'.
...and now, Messi?

Even if the two sides manage to agree on Messi's transfer peacefully, his supposed exit is handled quite poorly.

If Leo really leaves this summer, his final game for Barca after almost 20 years is going to be the disastrous 8-2 defeat, the worst in the club's modern history.

Josep Maria Bartomeu has been hiding from the press since the news on Messi's exit broke, unwilling to resign.

As things stand, Leo didn't manage to reclaim the Champions League trophy for five years due to the mismanagement while his potentially final days at the club are tarnished by the same people responsible. Follow us on Google newsTwitter and on Facebook

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