Messi's attempt to leave shows there is something wrong in the club: ex Barcelona player Cucurella

The ex-Blaugrana confesses he couldn't believe at first that Leo could possibly leave Barca.

He thinks the captain's intention to quit suggests even more people at Barca are not happy with the way the club is run.

"At first, I didn't believe it. I thought he was just angry with the management for what was happening," Marc Cucurella told Diario Sport when asked on his reaction on Leo Messi's attempt to leave in August.

The former Blaugrana took another swipe at his ex-club, adding: "That shows that they're not doing things well at the club.

"A player like him, who is club history, wanting to go to another team that competes with Barca for trophies exemplifies that people aren't happy."

Last week, Marc criticised Barca for not giving him the chance to prove his worth.

As for the Leo Messi saga, it ended with the captain staying at the club for another year. However, he could still leave Barca in 2021 when his contract expires.

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