People to be blamed for Barcelona Clasico humiliation


People to be blamed for Barcelona Clasico humiliation


Of course, there is no doubt almost all referee is being paid by Madrid these days... they know that they can't succeed at Europe nowadays, so they are all in for the domestic league with a rather evil plan of Florentino Perez and Zinadine Zidane.... we've witnessed this almost all their la Liga games this season... Lenglet did have touched his shirt inwards but the funny thing is that Ramos dived to the opposite direction... that's so fucking bad decision made by the referee even after several VAR checks... Vardrid will always be Vardrid....To be Frank, these cases can be awarded as penalties, but the thing is that there wasn't really enough force to pull him down and it was much more like a dive to me... surprisingly 95% of such kind of cases are being ruled out even after checks.


People to be blamed for Barcelona Clasico humiliation

Another match underperformed by one of our veterans...he looses the ball very often and we saw that he didn't even put enough power on some of his passes. He shouldn't be a starter anymore... Pjanic had already shown his abilities last match so he should have started instead of Busquets who was extremely slow with the ball... The first goal is mainly because of Busi since he left his man cutting into the centre of the penalty box, eventually, we saw him scoring...


People to be blamed for Barcelona Clasico humiliation

To begin with, Koeman's Barca needs to learn more from this Clasico demolition...Koeman must change his tactics on 4 main points of view; (I) Who to start (ii) When to make substitute (iii) who to be replaced/come in...(IV) Building up the line up analysing players form/ performance from the previous match Let's discuss this with more details

   (I) WHO TO START: well, this will always be every coaches main challenge...building up the strongest line up as possible... Tonight's game, we saw a different formation with that of our previous games... instead of a 4-2-1-3, we rather saw something like a 4-2-3-1 with only Fati at forward...Messi was dropped into midfield with Coutinho dropping into left flank? This totally sucks since Valverde used him on the same position and we saw his performance decreased gradually... the same thing happened tonight ... Coutinho failed to impress like everyone else... Moreover, in addition to this, Koeman should have tested this formation at least a game before el Clasico ....As we know, it is a risk switching formation from the one we used to play to a brand new one, especially for a game against our arch-rivals... finally, Pedri should've started in midfield role instead of right-wing, since we have pure right-wingers like Dembele and Trincao...

   (II) WHEN TO MAKE SUBSTITUTIONS: After Madrid's second goal, we thought Koeman won't miss a single second making the right substitution ASAP, but Shockingly, we rather saw him delay the substitution which later impacted the team both mentally and physically...the whole social media went crazy due to this delay, Consequently, a lot of hate comments were fired towards Koeman which may affect his coaching career at Barca...

   (III) WHO TO BE SUBSTITUTED: this is one of the main reason for their 3rd goal...Yeah..we were a goal down but does that mean we should bring in all the forwards at once and does that mean we should sacrifice all our midfielders, wing-backs for them.... this is a horrible misunderstanding Koeman has on his brain.!!! At that point of time, we actually need to reinforce our attacking midfield more than anything else since we need build-up gameplay to pass the ball to the forwards the way I'm not omitting the fact that we do need forwards but the whole team must not be subbed of...


Indeed, the whole team did extremely well last match at why not Koeman rely on that match since some players did very well ...for example, Dembele, Trincao, Pjanic ....Sadly, Koeman haven't included any of these players which impacted our results...


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