"Yeah, I think Messi, but it's difficult.": Liverpool boss maintain his stand on Barcelona captain being his favourite.

Even though the Liverpool coach keeps insisting he loves both superstars, he clearly has a soft spot for Leo.

5 months ago, the German already had his priorities sorted, confessing he likes Messi 'maybe a little bit more' than Cristiano.

"I don’t like that question, I love both!" Jurgen Klopp emotionally told talkSPORT when asked to pick between Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Yet it appears the Liverpool boss has made his choice as he added: "But I’ve said before it is Messi that I can appreciate more, and respect more, and love more, but Cristiano is still doing good.

"Yeah, I think Messi, but it's difficult."

Indeed, Klopp has never hidden his admiration for Leo as he revealed 5 months ago, saying he likes Messi maybe a little bit more than the Portuguese.

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