Chelsea boss Lampard: Mount is focused on quality over show-reel stepovers

Chelsea boss Lampard: Mount is focused on quality over show-reel stepovers

Lampard is happy with the positivity surrounding Mount.

He understands why Southgate started him for all 3 games, even though the schedules are hectic.

Lampard hopes that Mount is feeling fresh for the weekend as he is in great form.

"I think it shows how much Gareth Southgate sees in him and relies on him and trusts in him. It’s nice to see a lot of positivity around Mason. It is well deserved," Lampard said at a press conference.

"Maybe he’s a player who has more quality passes in pressing moments in a game than a show-reel of stepovers and flicks. Maybe that’s not as exciting to the modern fan, but, for us managers, I think you can see how much we rely on him.

"I get Gareth’s position in playing him. He played three games. He was the only player in the England squad, of all the European-playing players at club level, to play all three games.

"I have to look at each player in their own respect in terms of rotation, minutes in-game, substitutions when they can come on, because the schedule has never been busier, there’s never been more of a pressure on players.

"But I can’t sit here and say Gareth Southgate shouldn’t make the decisions he makes when he’s England manager and in the position, he’s in. That’s just a part of the story.

"With Mason, I hope that he comes through fresh because at the minute he’s in great form."

Mount has started all but 2 games for club and country this season. Even though he's still only 21, the midfielder has become a vital cog in midfield for club and country.

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