Griezmann's ex-agent apologises for disrespectful comment on Leo Messi

Griezmann's ex-agent apologises for disrespectful comment on Leo Messi

Eric Olhats insists he hasn't been in touch with Antoine for 3 years and expressed his personal opinion on the alleged rift between Griezmann and Messi.

He has promised not to comment on this subject anymore, realizing his statements have affected the French player.

"I want to make it very clear that Antoine Griezmann NEVER informed me about his relationship with Leo Messi. I understand that my comments are subjective and that I could even be mistaken. For that, I am the only one responsible," Griezmann's former agent Eric Olhats wrote in his open letter to Marca.

Olhats added: "For a while, specifically since three years ago, I haven't maintained a relationship with Antoine, nor do I form part of his family's inner circle, despite what some have said in the media."

In conclusion, the former agent wrote: "Aware that the victim in all of this issue is Antoine Griezmann, I sincerely regret this and I am sorry. This will be my last comment on the issue."

Olhats created a real stir a couple of days ago when he attacked Leo Messi, blasting him for 'deplorable attitude' towards Griezmann, also accusing him of running Barcelona as a tyrant.

The whole situation has affected both Leo and Antoine, forcing Ronald Koeman to publicly deny the rumours on the alleged rift.

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