'I saw people at Barca who wanted to hurt Messi': Ex Barca player Fabregas

'I saw people at Barca who wanted to hurt Messi': Ex Barca player Fabregas

People ask too much from Leo given how much he has already given to Barca, Cesc says.

People blame him for walking on the pitch but nobody said anything when he helped Barca win the treble this way.

He's just not alright at the moment but he doesn't feel lonely at Barca.

However, Luis Suarez's sale has impacted Messi a lot, Fabregas adds.

"From a personal point of view, all of us want to see our friends do well. I don't know what else you can ask from Messi after so many years of him giving so much," Cesc Fabregas has told Mundo Deportivo.

"When he [Messi] won the treble and did the same [was often walking on the pitch and not running], nobody said anything. You may have given a lot but in the end, they will only value the result.

"I saw people at Barca who tried to hurt him, but as a Cule, I am grateful that he continues at Barca. 

"Whether Leo feels lonely? I don't think so. He has been through many difficult periods and he just doesn't feel good at the minute, although it is true that Luis [Suarez] was the one he could always lean on," Fabregas concluded.

It's amazing to see that Fabregas still backs Leo a lot, although they haven't played together for quite a long time.

Cesc's words serve as another proof that everything's still not alright with Leo. Anyway, we all hope that he'll be ready to deliver throughout the whole season.

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