Spur boss Mourinho reveals Chelsea are favourites for upcoming clash

Jose Mourinho said that the financial investment at clubs like Chelsea creates pressure for the manager.

He added that the pressure he faced at big clubs is not something their current managers have to face.

“When you are favourites, you know why you are favourites,” Mourinho said in his pre-match press conference when asked about his previous title-winning teams in England.

“And you have to accept that and you have to deal with that kind of pressure and responsibility. I was at clubs which were, let’s say, champions in the market because of their powerful investments.

“I had to deal with that pressure. So now it’s not for me to deal with that pressure. It’s for others to deal with that pressure. That’s not for us.”

When asked specifically if he enjoys being on the other side in comparison to being at Chelsea, he replied, “Different experiences.

“What I felt is that when I was in these clubs, there was huge pressure on me and now there is not huge pressure on the coaches of these teams. Put a little bit of pressure on them and leave us in peace, doing our job.”

Mourinho's classic mind-games have already begun earlier in the week, with the Spurs manager suggesting that the schedule was easier for Chelsea going into the game.

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