Carles Tusquets associate is believed to be the Journalist behind Messi contract leak

Tusquets was invited to the inauguration of one private club in the city of Barcelona - which is founded by Marti Saballs who published Messi's contract last night.

Leo Messi's full contract with Barcelona was published in Sunday's edition of El Mundo and some fans have already linked this leak to the club's board.

Dr Marti Saballs covered this story for El Mundo and he is believed to be an associate or even a friend of Carles Tusquets, Barca's current interim president.

As La Senyera found out, Tusquets was a guest of honour in the inauguration act of the private club Penya Barcelonista Circulo Ecuestre this Friday - and Marti Saballs happens to be one of its founders.

As a reminder, Carles Tusquets caused a real stir on December when he claimed he would have sold Messi in summer to solve the financial crisis.

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