EPL To Implement New Substitution Rule From Next Week

English Premier League launch concussion substitutes from next week

English Premier League is set to launch what it called concussion substitutes from next week, report Matt Slater and Dan Sheldon.

Since the coronavirus epidemic shut down the 2019-2020 season., new rules as regards substitute have emerged over time.

Earlier, the football govering body, FIFA introduced. a five-man substitute to help cushion the effect of the virus on players health.

However, after the Premier league followed the five-man substitute rule placed by FIFA for the remainder of the 2019/20 season, they have since reverted back to the normal three-man substitute for the current season.

Now to help handle the health effect of the hectic schedule due to congestion of matches, the EPL will be introducing a new rule from next week.

The new rule will allow players to be taken off the pitch and substituted if they have suffered a suspected concussion but the substitution will not count towards one of the three substitutes normally allowed in a game.

In other words, a team can make substitution for a player who suffers head concussion even if they have exhausted all their substitutions.

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