Ex-United States star Alexi Lalas: 'Christian Pulisic is too good for this Chelsea team'


Ex-United States star Alexi Lalas: 'Christian Pulisic is too good for this Chelsea team'

The American's quality showed through even in the last games Against Man City, he had to take on two or three players as if he was trying to do it all himself, the pundit claims.

This makes Pulisic shine even though he's not playing with the best teammates, he adds.

“This is Chelsea with all the talent they have and all the money they have spent,” former United States international Alexi Lalas said on his State of the Union podcast.

“I’ll say it right now, Christian Pulisic is too good for this Chelsea team. His talents are being wasted right now at Chelsea, with this Chelsea team that they have.

“That’s not always the case when Christian Pulisic plays, but in this game [against Man City], I actually appreciated and respected the fact he constantly went searching for the ball. He was constantly doing what he does so well which is take players on,” he added.

“At times it was two, three players, at times ultimately that last guy would nick the ball, but it wasn’t as if he had options up there so you’d say, ‘why’s he trying to do everything himself’ or, ‘he’s doing too much’.

“Here’s the problem. The way we’re talking about this performance from Christian Pulisic is of a player who shines despite the fact that he is not playing with the best players, or is playing against vastly superior opposition and still being able to show.”

Christian Pulisic has been one of the most consistent Chelsea players when he is fit - in fact, he's our Player of the Year for 2020. This season, though, he has scored just 2 goals so far - and he has not scored once in the last 7 games when the Blues won just once and suffered 4 defeats.

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