Jordi Cruyff reveals why the election date is at Barca massive disadvantage

Jordi Cruyff reveals why the election date is at Barca massive disadvantage

Jordi Cruyff claims that it puts the Catalans in a bad position as they won't be able to make any moves on the market.

He also calls the fans not to blame Koeman as he's in a difficult situation already.

The Catalonia-born Dutchman says that Blaugrana have to think match by match now.

"Throwing in the towel is the wrong thing to do now. Now what we have to do is think match by match," former Barcelona player Jordi Cruyff writes in his column for Diario Sport.

"And in this context, the date of the elections for the Barca presidency, on January 24, could not have been more inopportune. It is no longer just a matter of not having money to sign players. With an interim management board at the helm, the club's hands are tied and you cannot look for sales that facilitate signings a few days before the end of the market, while other teams are already at work negotiating the few opportunities that this market offers you.

"And they have a considerable advantage, especially when it comes to hunting players who in January are free to negotiate with other clubs six months before the end of their contract. I am not referring to Messi, but also to players like Alaba who could be a good option in another context.

"But Barca is a month behind everyone else, they are left out of this market’s dynamics, so it will be a lost opportunity. If the elections had been held on Christmas Eve, or even now in early January, we would be talking about a more favourable scenario. But it is clear that this date was not organized with the club's sporting benefit in mind. Without a doubt, this is an added difficulty to an already complex situation.

"It would be unfair and too easy to single out the coach, Ronald Koeman, for the sporting slump when, from the beginning, the need for renewal of the squad left the team in a difficult situation. And also, too many external factors have come together against Barca: board of directors, manager, finances, elections ... that would make the job of any coach an obstacle course at this time.

"Now it's time to get down to work and score points as quickly as possible. Not to think about the "miracle" of a Liga title that is moving away from Barca, but to get in the top three as soon as possible, so as not to suffer. It is a realistic goal because there are still to play matches with direct rivals with that same goal such as Real Sociedad, Villarreal or Sevilla, against whom Barca have done well against in the first round of games.

"And there are still competitions to play such as the Spanish Super Cup, the Copa del Rey and the Champions League. What is not appropriate is to throw in the towel in January, or to get on a roller coaster that goes from euphoria to defeatism depending on the results. Although it sounds like a cliche, and now more than ever, we have to think match by match."

Josep Maria Bartomeu left the club in late October, and the interim board had the option to set the election on a date between 40 and 90 days after his departure. Carles Tusquets and his board decided that January 24, 89 days after Bartomeu's demission, would be an appropriate choice.

As for Jordi Cruyff, the presidential candidate has revealed that he plans to make the son of Blaugrana icon the club's sporting director if elected.

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