Man United fans call out British media over Lampard hypocrisy

Man United fans call out British media over Lampard hypocrisy

The Chelsea boss remains the media darling despite an abysmal run of form.

Chelsea were beaten 3-1 by Manchester City at home in the Premier League on Sunday, conceding all their goals in the first half.

And Manchester United supporters on Twitter are wondering why Frank Lampard has it easy from the media while Ole Gunnar Solskjaer remains a target.

Mark Goldbridge: "Where's the media going on on Lampard then? If this was Ole they'd hang him out to dry.

Jay Smith: "I think it's a disgrace to spend what Lampard spent and be performing how they are. If Utd were performing like this at least they'd have the excuse that they didn't get the signings they wanted."

BrunoFc: "Yeah but the media haven't been saying a word. Imagine if Ole was losing 3-0 to City in the first half."

Jared Avery: "They're gonna start closing in on him. Just because he's a club legend they’re taking it easy for now. But Ole didn’t get to spend 300 million so it does make you wonder..."

CONNORROO: "The sad thing is this is so true! Ole loses 1 game the media is straight after him..."

Scam Allardyce: "They called Ole Gunnar Solskjaer a PE coach, what does that make Frank Lampard?"

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