Manchester United players rating in Liverpool premier league draw with Shaw - 8, Bruno - 3

Manchester United players rating in Liverpool premier league draw with Shaw - 8, Bruno - 3

The Red Devils played out a goalless draw at Anfield on Sunday. Our user-admins Matt Koller and Ash Bohra join editor Georgy Tsepkovskiy in rating the lads.

Victor Lindelof - 7

Georgy Tsepkovskiy: "The Swede made a vital block to deny Roberto Firmino early on. Overall, Lindelof more than justified his inclusion ahead of in-form Eric Bailly at Anfield."

Matt Koller: "Solid, lots of great blocks, intercepts, nearly gave us 2 counter goals."

Luke Shaw - 8

Georgy Tsepkovskiy: "Man of the match. Shaw pocketed Mohamed Salah and drove forward whenever possible, creating Manchester United's best chances of the game."

Ash Bohra: "Arrival of Telles has been the best thing for Shaw. Best player on the pitch."

Tushar Rhode: "Kept the dangerous Salah mostly shut, matched him with good pace as well. Has been pocketing Salah more often than not. Should have had an assist."

Paul Pogba - 6.5

Georgy Tsepkovskiy: "A decent job in the unfamiliar role on the right. Came close to scoring the winner in the second half."

Ash Bohra: "Always the courier going forward. Defended well too. Our best midfielder."

Bruno Fernandes - 3

Georgy Tsepkovskiy: "Another disappointing display from the Portuguese in a must-win game against a big opponent. At certain moments, it looked like Bruno wasn't even on the pitch."

Ash Bohra: "Really outnumbered and out maneuvered by Liverpool formation. His worst game so far."

Tushar Rhode: "He is human, and his holdup play is not very sharp. Tried some extravagant passes, missed both of them, really should have scored that goal."

Rashford - 4

Georgy Tsepkovskiy: "Rashford played in a central role against Liverpool but his display will be remembered for the number of offside positions he found himself in."

Matt Koller: "Stop the agenda. He's on the pitch for a reason. He goes non stop, every attack he gets involved. No final product today from anyone, he shouldn't be singled out. People mentioning the school dinners should be removed."

Martial - 3

Georgy Tsepkovskiy: "Starting Martial ahead of Edinson Cavani was clearly Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's biggest mistake. The Uruguayan's introduction reinvigorated the attack."

Tushar Rhode: "Some good take-ons, but really needed more from him in the crunch game, he somewhat faded."

The rest: De Gea - 6, Maguire - 6, Wan-Bissaka - 6, McTominay - 6.5, Fred - 6.

Subs: Cavani - 6.5, Greenwood - N/A.

Fans - 3 (bonus section)

Matt Koller: "I'm absolutely disgusted with the moaning from line up posting to beyond full time. 4 years since Liverpool (last season champions and were top a week ago) and shot wise some of our chances were better. Bruno, Rashford, Shaw, Pogba, Lindelof, Martial stop attacking OUR players, they have so much quality. We are top for another week."

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