Ronaldo Is Officially The Highest Goal Scorer In History (Details)

Ronaldo 760th career goal

Juventus star, Ronaldo is formally the greatest and highest scorer in the history of football after scoring his 760th career goal against Napoli in the Italian super cup final on Wednesday.

Netting the goal, Ronaldo has displaced Josef Bican all the time 759 goals to lead the table. The historic goal helped Juventus win against Napoli to claim the trophy for the ninth time.

He picked up five points for his first club, the Sporting CP, 118 in his time at Manchester United, a massive amount of 450 goals in his period at Real Madrid, and 85 for his present club, Juventus.

And now clear of Bican with a goal, Pele with three goals, and his longtime rival, Lionel Messi with 41 goals.

And now the question to ask is; how many goals can Cristiano Ronaldo add to his record to extend the lead?

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