Victor Font offers 3 ways of solving Barca's financial crisis

Barca presidential candidate Font has a clear plan what to do with Barca's enormous debt.

Talking to Diario Sport, one of Barca's three presidential candidates Victor Font has named his three ways of solving the club's tough financial situation.

"First of all, one needs to have a team in charge which has a lot of experience of handling complex situations, just like we have now. Solvency in business management is a crucial attribute in these moments to lead Barca."

What it means: while promoting himself as a presidential candidate, Font explained that his team consists of experts in many different areas, including the economic one.

"Secondly, we need to restructure the costs for the level of income we currently have."

What it means: Here, Font possibly means that his team would recalculate the expenses and take needed steps like selling some players if needed.

"We also need to refinance the short-term debt to make sure we avoid bankruptcy."

What it means: Earlier, Font clarified that they would refinance the current short-term debt of €730m by getting another loan and reducing the debt to €400m-500m.

Besides, there's one red line Font doesn't want to cross: "The current ownership model is a priority for us. We don't want Barca to be a public limited company.

What it means: One of the non-registered presidential candidates earlier said that he would sell Camp Nou's naming rights for the 25 years to come – this is something Font is unlikely to go for.

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